The different summer

By this time of the year, a lot of us are usually excited about vacation time. To just let go of routines and be. Usually, by now we’re feeling tired of the busy schedule from the spring and just long to exhale and do nothing.

I don’t know about you, but what I am sensing in myself and in many of my clients, is a different sensation inside of our hearts this summer. This spring was nothing like before.

We had a spring filled with fear, a lot of our usual routines and schedules fell apart, and we were locked in our houses with very little social interaction. We didn’t have the time to get “tired” of our usually busy lives. Suddenly, it is summer, and it feels like nothing we have experienced before.

We are in a space of adjustment, even if things are getting back to “normal” on the outside. We are kind of “left” in another space inside.

A sense of feeling lost can appear when what used to be is gone. Our nervous system can have a “reaction” of stress and not really be able to relax. We are called to find calmness, even if we are not exhausted. That can be a huge challenge for many of us. Feeling worthy to relax, even if we are not super tired after the spring term.

Many of us only feel worthy to really relax after complete exhaustion and a lot of “doing”.

A lot of these things can be working on a subconscious level. Now more than ever we are called to go into meditation, find our way to be in nature and probably most important of all – TO HAVE FUN!

So, I hope that these words can give you some clearance in the confusion that might show up in your system. Your soul is doing well. Very well. It is still times of change. Very much so. A lot of us think that this is just the beginning of huge shifts on the whole planet.

I hope you can breathe through the uncomfortable sensations that might arise every now and then. That you will find peace in your mediations. Alignment with your essence in nature and the pleasure in life when you are having loads of fun.

I love you! I adore you!
And I deeply honour you for showing up in your life!

Much love,
Maria (Mia)