Are you devoted yo your happiness?

We are a tribe. A tribe that vibrates on higher frequencies since we always search to access the most in life. To live and love fully.

This time, I would like to talk about devotion. What are you devoted to in your life?

I used to be devoted to other people’s needs and wishes. Devoted to making everyone else happy so that they would love me. I was also devoted to what the society told me was the truth to live by. I still find myself being devoted to things that really don’t matter. That is why daily self-reflection and meditation is so important to me. So I can feel what really matters.

Am I devoted to my inner happiness? I need to check that daily. Where do I put my devotion today? Is that the most important for me? What do I need to shift?

We are all suffering and feeling pain every now and then. That is part of the human experience as we are growing and outgrowing what is not “right” for us any more.
So by committing and devoting, the start of my day, by going inward and meeting the purest part of yourself, I will also feel where to go. How to choose. How to live.

Devotion for me is having a pure intention of what is the most important thing in my life and do it fully. In different ways. In all the ways during the day. Always devoted to my happiness.

I wish you a beautiful weekend, completely devoted to what is most important for you! Your deepest longing.

I love you. I see you. I feel you.
Always feel welcome to respond in some way. We are in this together.

Much love,
Maria Mia Åström