Work with your fear of success

You are worthy, you are good enough, you are relevant, and you are seen! Most importantly – by you.

Yes, you have areas to work on and develop, and you also do things and have qualities in you that are amazing. It’s time to see everything beautiful inside of you, develop it and own it!

Stop holding yourself back, put your head up high, take that step and do what you genuinely want to do. Be who you truly are and own the fantastic things in your life. Do this for you!

Acknowledge and see each step you take that is different. Each change and development that feels right and good to you. So you can build on your evidence of what you are capable of and your success.

People’s judgements and expectations of you will only impact you if you have the same judgements and expectations of yourself. Then they are giving you a gift of uncovering an area you can heal in you.

You can manage and handle, whatever happens. Stop denying yourself experiences because of what others may do, feel or think, because the only thing that really matters is what YOU do, feel and think.

Below you have some of my tips for transforming fear into success:

  • Identify the qualities in yourself that you value in how you feel, how you process, what you know and who you are;
  • Explore and own the things you do that are of value. That make you successful and create outcomes that you feel good about and that are right for you;
  • Ask for feedback from the people you feel safe with. What do they value in who you are and what you do (this is so you can see yourself through their eyes);
  • Own the feedback, listen to it, feel it and see in you what they are seeing;
  • As you grow in your belief of yourself, ask the people outside of your immediate trusting relationships for more feedback.

Each step you take (if you take it) is a success. Each step you take, take it for you. It is only your emotional attachment that keeps you from freeing yourself of the fear to be, go and do what you know is right for you.

We are all worthy of success.

Success can be in relationships, career, health and every aspect of life.

Yes! You choose. You can get success in all areas of your life by practising and always continuing with your inner work. It is really an everyday work! YOU are a lifetime work!

Allow yourself to grow and step up in your life completely!

I love you!

I adore!

We are in this together!

Much much love!