Flow Summit Sweden 2022

ENERGY UPDATE: Energetic Liberation before Lions Gate with Mia Kafkios

Our heart screams for a deeper connection than ever, as our soul is helping us in our awakening and only want the truth… The universal truth and nothing but the authentic truth.

This coming week before the opening of the Lions Gate will be intense but yet so beautiful…


Much love,


OPEN LION’S GATE ENERGY UPDATE with Tim Whild & Mia Kafkios

We are wishing you a magical period before the Lions Gate opening.

Prepare yourself for one of the biggest events so far. The period from now all the way to the Lion’s Gate in August is very beneficial for manifesting your heart’s longing and to plug into your purpose. Join us for our coming event 27 th of July: “Opening the Lion’s Gate” if you feel guided: https://growbymia.com/lions-gate/

Here is where I serve you the tools, motivation, and inspiration to access more balance, recovery, flow, and presence in your life. Making it a lifestyle and a natural part of YOU! To grow strong from the inside and out is a lifetime journey and together we can make it more fun and interesting. I’m offering you: online training, life coaching, personal training, yoga, mindfulness, stress coaching, energy therapy, healing, spiritual growth, and mentorship in life sales and in business. Every from a holistic point. Because everything is connected. Body, mind, and spirit. I even organize workshops, education, women courses/circles, and retreats.

Much love Tim & Mia ❤️

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