Everything that begins must eventually come to an end, and it is with this in mind that we announce the closure of Grow By Mia.

With the closure of Grow By Mia, we are excited to embrace the new opportunities ahead. We are proud to present Grow By U, a platform that offers a larger audience of passionate and knowledgeable educators the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise through webinars, courses, sessions, and other events.

Our aim is to help individuals discover their own path to growth and self-discovery in a wide range of fields, such as spirituality, personal development, growth, and many more. www.growbyu.com

In addition, we are also thrilled to announce the introduction of Next Step Academy which is dedicated to empowering teachers and helping professionals such as therapists, yogis, and coaches to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact in the world through their professional development.

Next Step Academy is a business and marketing school founded by the marketing mastermind behind Grow By Mia, Johan Grundin. Tailored to support and educate individuals in helping professions. www.nextstepacademy.co

Mia Kafkio will set out on a solo journey, forging her own path. Stay tuned for updates on her progress and be inspired by her determined spirit. www.miakafkios.com 

Before Grow By Mia’s permanent closure, you can still buy and access our courses and webinar replay on our homepage throughout 2023.

We are grateful for the journey we had together, and now we look forward to crossing paths again soon. May love and light always guide you.

Namaste from the Grow By Mia team.

Replays of our Webinars & Workshops

For the moment, we don’t have any webinars planned, but you find our webinar replays and courses down below.

My Self-help Courses

I created these courses for you to do at your own pace with the assistance of pre-recorded videos, workshops, activations, healing meditations, and student material.

Unique Online Education

Six-Month Ascension Course & Activation

Spiritual Ascension Course by Mia Kafkios & Tim Whild

Mia and Tim have united their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine knowledge and wisdom to bring six important topics to the forefront, which will assist you in navigating these changing times.

Join today and get instant access.

Unique Online Education

Negative Energy Release

A magical course with Mia Kafkios.

Join this beautiful self-help course that will assist you to release Anxiety & Negative Energy. You can do it over and over again as soon as you need support in your life.

Join today and get instant access.

mia kafkios life coach & healer
Unique Mini-Course

Awaken Your Feminine Energy & Lifeforce

A juicy course with Mia Kafkios.

Join this beautiful and life-changing online course of finding your way into the amazing women that you are. Feel deep self-love towards yourself. Find the love towards your body. Be able to step into deeper intimacy in your relationships. Find your ground, your boundaries and your goddess energy.

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Courses in Swedish

Unique Mini-Course in Swedish

Bemästra din energi och spirituella resa

Swedish online course with Holy Crap

I vår spirituella resa behöver vi verktyg som kan förankra oss när det är turbulent, hjälpa oss rensa när vi behöver läka samt aktivera det som ska aktiveras när vi är redo för själslig uppgradering.

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Unique Mini-Course in Swedish

Aktivera ditt light language med Mia Kafkios

Swedish online course with Holy Crap

Light language är ett universiellt språk som vi alla har inom oss och som finns i cellerna i vår mänskliga biologi. Ljusspråket innehåller koder och frekvenser som aktiverar kärnan av vem du är bortom tid och rum och kan användas både för dig själv och för att väcka potentialen hos andra. I den här minikursen får du redskap för att aktivera ditt light language och integrera det i ditt liv och arbete.

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