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My Education Course

My signature educations include weekly live masterclasses with me and your sisters. Heal and grow beyond your wildest imaginations together with your new tribe!

life coach mia kafkios
Complete Certification Education for Female Lightworkers

Therapist of the New World

Become a certified healer, channeler, and life coach.

Would it be a dream come true for you to professionally help people transform their lives? To give back and share what has helped you in your life? This unique online course will give you a solid ground to stand on.

Discover new dimensions of your life!  

For over 27 years, I have been working with assisting souls to step into their highest potential through different techniques. They have been shifting throughout the years, as I and this planet has been evolving massively.

I am an educated science and physical education teacher, energy therapist, channeler, business mentor, life coach, yoga and meditation teacher and healer.

My primary mission is to assist YOU in accessing your gifts, unlocking your life purpose, and your highest potential in life. You are the creator of your life! Unlock it all. Remember who you came here to be!

I deeply believe we are here to co-create as we all are puzzle pieces needed equally in our unique gifts and missions on this planet. Let´s play together. Life should be fun to discover.

Come join our tribe!

My Self-help Courses

I created these courses for you to do at your own pace with the assistance of pre-recorded videos, workshops, activations, healing meditations, and student material.

Unique Online Education

Negative Energy Release

A magical 7-day course with Mia Kafkios.

Join this beautiful self-help course that will assist you to release Anxiety & Negative Energy. You can do it over and over again as soon as you need support in your life.

Join today and get instant access.

mia kafkios life coach & healer
Unique Mini-Course

Awaken Your Feminine Energy & Lifeforce

A juicy 3-week course with Mia Kafkios.

Join this beautiful and life-changing online course of finding your way into the amazing women that you are. Feel deep self-love towards yourself. Find the love towards your body. Be able to step into deeper intimacy in your relationships. Find your ground, your boundaries and your goddess energy.

Join now and get instant access.

Unique Mini-Course in Swedish

Bemästra din energi och spirituella resa

Swedish online course with Holy Crap

I vår spirituella resa behöver vi verktyg som kan förankra oss när det är turbulent, hjälpa oss rensa när vi behöver läka samt aktivera det som ska aktiveras när vi är redo för själslig uppgradering.

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“Mia exudes warmth, strength, power stability and confidence”

“She creates a safe, harmonious, open, and healing atmosphere between me, her, and other participants, which makes me feel safe to open up and get the most out of the course opportunity. She conveys valuable tools that I can use in my life. Individual meetings with Mia make me land and find back to the contact with myself again”

Sara Ohlsson – Member of the Tribe

“Mia is a role model to us all and has really made me a better person on all levels”

“I started going to Mia after living with stress for far too long, I was a bit skeptical that she was really doing the healing, but thought that I can stay away from that part and just have conversations. After a while, I agreed to it and now I have discovered both the world and myself in a new way, a fantastic way”.

Alexander Johnsson – Member of the Tribe

“Mia helps me see what I don’t see for myself, challenges me, and coaches me with endless love”

“After 14 months with Mia, in the community with other women and with Mia as a coach I have been given a new way to relate to myself, with a greater love for myself and others. The journey continues and magical things happen.”

Yvonne Danielsson – Member of the Tribe


“Find the tribe that will support you beyond your limits”


My Next Webinars & Workshops

Get monthly gifts!

Sign up for our newsletter to receive the first one – 3 free meditations, guided by Mia.