Remembering Who You Are with Mia Kafkios | Nourished with Anna

Show Notes

It’s time to activate your true essence ✨ Honored to be joined by the beautiful Mia Kafkios on the podcast this week. For over 27 years Mia has been passionate about assisting souls in discovering, understanding, and uncovering the beauty of having a grounded human experience as a spiritual being. And stepping into their highest potential. Despite having a history of deep mental and physical abuse from her childhood, she now lives the life she always wanted on all levels. And her experiences have transformed into her gifts.

In this episode we dive into…
💫 Mia’s own spiritual journey
💫 The Lion’s Gate portal, which opened on July 27th 2022 and peaked on August 8th 2022, holding a very strong manifestation energy
💫 Activating your true essence
💫 Why and how old ways of healing are changing
💫 Celebrating life and living in joy Connect with Mia