Enter Your Highest Timeline 2022 with Mia Kafkios

This healing activation is one of my webinar replays that I want to gift you, dear soul tribe. This activation will prepare your light body, your field, and your consciousness for an upgrade, before entering the second part of this year.

This transmission will assist you in leaving past years behind, with the highest energy, so you can fully open up and manifest abundantly your highest timeline for the rest of 2022.

In this session, Mia and her guides of the eternal living light will:
1. Clear the parts that have been hidden
2. Repair what needs to be repaired on a cellular and DNA level
3. Activate the parts that are ready to be upgraded
4. Prepare your entire being for the most transformational and beneficial transition between the last year and 2022.
5. Open and prepare your multidimensional light portals.

I hope you will enjoy this gift of mine. Please share and comment if you feel it assisted you.❤️

For more webinar replays see: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/growbymia

Much love, Mia