Podcast Guestings

You may find all of my podcast guestings below. If you feel guided, please listen to them and see how they can help you in your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Ascension with Mia Kafkios | Metaphysical Happy Hour!

November 23, 2022/by connect

Explained: Light Language | The Holy Crap Podcast

November 9, 2022/by connect

Episode 90 with Mia Kafkios: The Mystic Mind | The Hidden Gateway Podcast

November 9, 2022/by connect

Remembering Who You Are with Mia Kafkios | Nourished with Anna

September 14, 2022/by connect

Livepodd från Göteborg med Mia Kafkios ”Varför det är så svårt att ha vaknat upp nu”

June 28, 2022/by connect

The New Divine Paradigm of Healing & Summer Solstice Transmission with Breathe to Heal

June 28, 2022/by connect

Vem är Mia Kafkios och hur ser energiprognosen ut för 2022?

March 7, 2022/by connect

Holy Crap Podcast | Bemästra din energi + energiaktivering med Mia Kafkios

February 15, 2022/by grundin

Soul Expansion | breathe to heal Podcast wit Mia Kafkios

November 10, 2021/by connect

The Divine Duality: Embracing the Global Change | The Hidden Gateway Podcast

October 23, 2021/by connect

Activating our Sacred Sensuality and Calling Back Life Force Energy with Mia Kafkios | The Soul Collective

October 22, 2021/by connect

Energiprognos för september och hur man läker sina inre sår med Mia Kafkios (Swedish) | Holy Crap Podcast

October 21, 2021/by connect

Your Purpose is Your Plan: Unleashing Your Divine Potential with Mia Kafkios | The Hidden Gateway Podcast

October 20, 2021/by connect

Light Language & Heart Interpretation: Ascension 101 with Mia Kafkios & Lovisa Alvtörn | Ascension with Lovisa

October 19, 2021/by connect

Aktivering och ljusarbete med Mia Kafkios (Swedish) | Magic Monday Podcast

October 18, 2021/by connect

How to Cultivate More Intimacy and Create Conscious Relationships with Mia Astrom | The Conscious Chats Podcast

October 17, 2021/by connect