Light Language & Heart Interpretation: Ascension 101 with Mia Kafkios & Lovisa Alvtörn

Show Notes

Welcome to this video in the Ascension 101 series! This is a series where we talk about spiritual subjects in a way that makes it easy to understand even if you are an Ascension Newbie.

Today my special guest is the beautiful Mia Kafkios of Grow by Mia. We are talking about Light language and also about the message behind the words in all that we say, how to listen always with and through your Heart to really understand … what I titled Heart interpretation for this video.

Light language with all its beautiful and sparkling Light codes is such a powerful, healing, and empowering mode of communication. It can really help you access your gifts, raise your frequency and step into your Truth and Mastery. We all have our own unique Light language and Mia and I give you some examples of how to awaken and unleash it from within you. We also talk about different types of Light language and different ways of expressing it.

Towards the end of the video, Mia shares a Light language transmission to help you tune into your heart and awaken your own Light language.