Welcome to a powerful webinar! Through deep trance channeling, we will invite-in the highest and clearest energies to raise your vibration and assist you in tapping into the energies of flow and synchronicity. The frequencies of pure Love and Light are within us all. By channeling the Light, negative energies or emotional blocks that stand in your way can be released and replaced by higher powers. The webinar will heighten your spiritual connection, aid in surfacing your spiritual gifts, plus assist you in recalling who you really are as a divine spark of eternal Light.

Elizabeth Rose is a Hypnosis Instructor, Deep Trance Channel and Energy Healer. Mia Åström is an Energy Therapist, Healer and Trance Channeller.

If you miss the event you can still become immersed in the experience through the recording that will be sent to all who have a ticket. It’s just as powerful to receive the healing activation afterwards through the recording.

We really look forward to opening this beautiful and powerful space with all of you. As we get together in this important time on Earth, we will raise our own frequencies and also co-create in raising the vibrations of the whole planet.

Let’s come together!

Much love,
Elizabeth & Mia

Didn’t get a ticket?

You can buy the replay here.

Mia Åström

Mia is a channeller, healer, and energy therapist.

Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth is a Hypnosis Instructor, Deep Trance Channel and Energy Healer.