Michael & Mia welcome you to a powerful workshop where you will be guided into a deeper understanding of how you have chosen your life path and how to find your unique gifts and your life purpose.

Michael Sheridan is a Dream Interpreter, Spiritual Teacher and Channel, and Mia Kafkios is an Energy Therapist, Healer and Trance Channel.

2021 is the year that many of us want to step fully into our life mission and purpose. Remembering who we came here to be.

This workshop will give you knowledge, healing, activations and answers around your path, gifts, and your soul’s mission. You will also receive tools to continue discovering your gifts as you advance further on your path.

You do not need any prior experience to attend to this powerful workshop. If you cannot attend the live event, you will receive the recording afterwards.

We are really excited to present this workshop to all of you. When we get together like this, we have the chance to raise the consciousness level of the entire planet. Feel free to share this event, so we can have as many as possible tune in to this beautiful understanding of dharmic living.

Much love,
Michael & Mia

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Mia Kafkios

Mia is a channeller, healer, and energy therapist.

Michael Sheridan

Michael is a Dream Interpreter, Spiritual Teacher and Channel.