Gorana: I am looking forward to my new life!

“I dream of working as a life coach and just exploring everything in life that I can do!”

Gorana Taraba is one of the first to graduate The Certified Life Coach Experience. Originally from Bosnia, Gorana now lives in Stockholm, Sweden and is more than ready to follow in her life’s true purpose – “I have so many more ideas and projects to do, and I’m going to try to incorporate all in life coaching. All of them are connected to making people feel better and to discover themselves and feel more comfortable. I want to create things that make people happy.” We talk with Gorana today to get to know her and her inspiring journey to take a leap and dive into her inner world.

When in your life, did you start your journey inwards? 

I started going inwards more when I moved from my hometown in Bosnia to Zagreb, Croatia, to study fashion and textile design. I felt quite lonely and lost, so I started reading a lot of books. It was then when I fell in love with Paulo Coelho and his books. 

However, my first breakthrough was when I was 24-25 years old when I started listening to motivational speakers and particularly one from Croatia. She was saying how everything is possible, and we can do all we want to do, which is something I believed as a child. I started exploring more and more. At that point in my life, I felt quite miserable, and I saw that this kind of thinking was helping me. I started listening to her channel, looking for other books of other motivational speakers and that was the start.

How did you start exploring your inner world deeper? Was it with a book, a coach or maybe a course? 

I was going deeper into my soul at that time between 19 and 25 years old and maybe even later. It felt good, but it was limiting as everyone was talking about being positive, but no one gave the recipe for that. I had a contradiction in me. I wanted to believe I can do anything in life, but on the other hand, I felt so limited, and I didn’t know how to overcome these limitations.

When I came to Sweden 4 years ago, I was still struggling with my journey and positive thinking, and I got some anxiety and panic attacks. It was 2-3 years ago, and it has become worse and worse, and that’s how I found Mia. I wanted her to be my personal trainer at the gym. But then I liked her story so much and contacted her, so we started working together, and soon I discovered she does energy healing and different sorts of things. We did only one training, and then we started working a lot on energy healing. Then she told me about her course that was about going deeper into yourself and your soul. I said yes as I didn’t have anything to lose, only to gain. I applied, and it was really mind-blowing.

What is the unique thing that this course has given you in particular?

The biggest thing for the course was that it was so well organised and put together. The weekly topics were amazing. There were some things I had never heard in the spiritual world. Mia has so much love and light inside of her so it’s easy for her to recognise that in another person. She recognised that in me even though I didn’t believe in it in the beginning. That helped me have more faith in myself. 

She has love and acceptance for who you are without pushing you too much; she is just letting you be who you are to accept your own feelings in a nice and loving way. I never felt judged by her and I never felt guilt to do something which allowed even more love and trust from my side towards her and vice versa.

The Zoom meeting every Sunday gave us more connection in the tribe, and I could feel and see the other girls’ experiences. We had sharing partners from which we learned a lot. It’s an overall amazing experience.

What is your greatest lesson after it?

I gained the most from this course that I had been a good girl trying to please everyone and make them happy. I was on the go every time whatever people needed – friends, family, co-workers. So finding out about masculine and feminine energy and that I have to invite more feminine energy into my life, more rest, creativity and more of just accepting that I need a break. Also accepting my inner child and playing with it. I have never heard of those things from other people, and I have been following many spiritual people for a long time. 

What changed for you?

I started doing these practical things in my life, and I can see how this makes me feel more relaxed. I do a lot of meditation, create stuff, I can see situations more clearly, and I am more aware of choosing how to approach them. 

What comes next for you?

I am currently waiting to become a certified life coach and have a Masters in textile and fashion design, so there will be a lot of creativity involved in being a life coach, and I really look forward to that.

Being in this course and working with Mia has helped me accept myself and all of my emotions “good or bad” and then I learned how to understand them, process them and let them go with time, which allowed more love and light into my life. She was the first person to help me do this from a place of love. And then positivity showed up naturally into my life; I didn’t have to force it.