About Grow By Mia

Who is Mia Kafkios?

For over 27 years, I have been working with assisting souls to step into their highest potential through different techniques.

I am an educated science and physical education teacher, energy therapist, channeler, business mentor, life coach, yoga and meditation teacher and healer. I was running successful health clubs for over 15 years, really stressed out trying to stay “safe”, until I finally dared to step fully into my mission as an energy therapist, assisting souls through Healing, Mentoring, and educating Therapists of the New World.

Despite having a history of deep mental and physical abuse from my childhood, I now live the life I always wanted on all levels.

Huge transformation into our highest potential is possible for all of us.

The deep traumas of dysfunctional relationships, co-dependency, burnouts, as well as being an empath (HSP), has taken years for me to heal. And now, these experiences have been transformed into my gifts.

What’s my Mission?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been able to see the highest potential in people. It’s almost like I can immediately see all aspects of the past, now, and future in a soul and how it all can serve from the highest perspective. Both on an individual and collective level.

I am very passionate about assisting souls in discovering, understanding, and uncovering the beauty of having a grounded human experience as a spiritual being. I love working in the field of psychology and the human aspects of life, as well as being fully present in our spiritual journey throughout our lifetime. My primary mission is to assist YOU in accessing your gifts, unlocking your life purpose, and your highest potential in life. You are the creator of your life! Unlock it all. Remember who you came here to be!

I deeply believe we are here to co-create as we all are puzzle pieces needed equally in our unique gifts and missions on this planet.

Let´s play together. Life should be fun to discover.