Access true worthiness & full manifestation

We will not be able to manifest the life we want, until will have healed and can fully feel worthy of receiving what we are asking for.

Come join me on this workshop, where I guide you in to a deep soul mediation and share some of my most valuable tools for feeling worthy of abundance in all areas of your life. We will end with a healing mediation with activating the manifesting power of the specific date 11/2. Every 11 of the month, a portal with powerful manifestation frequencies is opening up.

I love to open these magical spaces together with you. Gathering souls like you, that are ready to heal and step fully into your highest potential life, magic appears.

There will be deep guided meditation, inspirational talk of what has helped me and my clients and there will also be time for contemplation for finding YOUR next step in your inner growth process.

If you think this event, will assist your friends too, please feel free to invite them. The more we are, the more powerful the energy of the workshop will become.

Looking so much forward to this!
Much love

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