Want to experience something you never experienced before?

This is a unique and exclusive one-to-one program that will help you heal, grow and expand in every lever of your life.  We will support you all the way in a total transformation in a short amount of time.

 Only for you who is dedicated and ready to invest a lot of time and money in yourself.

How We Can Help

Go deep within and get to love yourself more!

During the first part of the course, you will identify your wounds and learn how to heal them, as well as handle your personal ups and downs. You will be a part of a new sisterhood and find new friends for life. This module will prepare you for stepping into your life mission to heal others.

You will find your passion, balance, gifts, and life mission.

Our Modules

We can support you in:

  • Your private life
  • Your relationship
  • Your spiritual journey
  • Your work
  • Your business
  • Your leadership
  • Your marketing

I and my team create and tailor everything to suit your needs best.

Who is it for?

For you who are ready and dedicated to making a big shift in life.

Are you in a position that you are extra challenged by the world and don’t want to do group work? Artists, singers, actors, business leaders, and other similar positions in life are our usual clients who go through this VIP experience.

“Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

I have been struggling all my life with my demons who affected my career so much. With this intense work with Mia my demons are under control and I never experienced so much joy in my life.


“Now I’m finally home”

I never could have expected this transformation, after only 3 months, when I signed up. Now I feel at home in both my body and relationship. Magic!


“My life and company changed totally”

From living my life and company in maximum stress to enjoying every second of my life. That is the shift this experience gave me. Both my private life and company are now the best version of themself.


Who is Mia Kafkios

For over 27 years, I have been working with assisting souls to step into their highest potential through different techniques.

I have 3 incredible children and an amazing life partner. I have a childhood and past relationships in the field of deep mental and physical abuse. Deep traumas of dysfunctional relationships, co-dependency, burnouts and high sensitivity have taken years for me to heal, but all has now transformed into being my gifts instead.My primary mission is to assist YOU in accessing your gifts, unlocking your life purpose and your highest potential in life. You are the creator or your life!


Each VIP program is individually made based on your specific needs and therefore also individual prices.