Master the art of letting go

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Master the Art of Letting-Go with Mia Kafkios (Åström) and her guest, Elizabeth Rose, Author, Speaker, Hypnosis Instructor, Energy Healer and Deep Trance Channel (therosecottage.ca).

Let-Go while Angels to Do the Work: Mia and Elizabeth will channel the Angelic Realm while your Divine Guides deliver messages and lead you through a meditative process designed to heal your soul and move your life forward.

Clear layers of negative energies, mental, or emotional blocks. As out-dated thinking, habits or negative behaviour patterns fall away, they’re replaced with more positive, powerful and expansive energies. It’s a process. The more you heal within, the more your outer reality heals. As you let go of unimportant activities or distractions, you become more aware of important priorities and move closer to achieving your life’s purpose.

Let-Go of Mental, Emotional or Spiritual Burdens: This Group Channeling Webinar is an opportunity to Learn by Doing. The Art of Letting-Go is an important skill designed to make your life easier.

When you let -go, you become lighter, move-up to higher levels of awareness and become more connected to divine guidance. This Webinar is an opportunity to assist yourself and others because the energies of a divinely-guided group become amplified and far more powerful!


Price: 16€
A recording will be provided 1-2 days after the event.

Date & Time

May 20, Thursday

Stockholm, Paris, Berlin – 21.00 CET
London – 20.00 GMT
New York – 03.00 PM EDT

Where: Online with Zoom

About your teachers

Mia Kafkios is an Energy Therapist, Healer and Trance Channel with 27 years of experience. She has been working with many souls to help them break the wheel and make a shift in their lives.

Elizabeth Rose is a successful Author, Speaker, Hypnosis Instructor, Energy Healer and Deep Trance Channel (therosecottage.ca).


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Mia Kafkios (Åström)

Mia is a channeller, healer, and energy therapist.

Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth is an Author, Speaker, Hypnosis Instructor, Energy Healer and Deep Trance Channel.

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