Awaken your Goddess

Divine feminine awakening & womb healing activation

This is probably going to be one of my most powerful and deep healing activations so far.

Come join me for a safe space and deep healing of the divine feminine within you. Releasing and clearing shame, guilt and resentment to allow your full divine feminine and SHAKTI force to awaken.

The webinar will assist you in:
– Grounding meditation
– Clearing your primary 7 chakras
– A deep clearing of your womb from old relationships, ancestral traumas & conditioning
– An activation of your SHAKTI energy and your womb
– An upgrade of the root & sacral chakra
– Cellular upgrade for a deeper connection with your inner goddess
– Recording of the webinar so you can do these meditations and healing activations when needed

It doesn’t matter if you are new or experienced to this work. Your higher self will take you to your next level in accessing more passion, pleasure and life force energy into your life.

I am really excited to CO-create with you in this space beautiful soul my dear soul family.

Please share the event to those you think it will assist. The more we are, the more powerful the energy will get.

This is going to be a deep sacred work.

Deep love and gratitude
Mia Kafkios

Missed it?

You can buy the replay here.