Activate Your Divine Blueprint

LIVE online webinar with Mia Kafkios

Your true divine blueprint holds the energies and codes of your “lifeplan”.

Being connected and aligned with your blueprint will lead you to your best and highest potential life and timeline.

As we are entering the important year of 2022 I have been called by my family of light to assist with this powerful work thru a huge zoom session. The months before mars 2022 are designed to make us commit even deeper into our ascension path and show up FULLY in what we came her to do. This session will assist you to a deeper connection with your divine blueprint so you can align with your soul mission and your lifeplan.

In this session we will:

  • Activate the memory of your lightbodies consciousness records
  • Activate the connection with your blueprints multidimensional identities
  • Activate the gifts of your blueprint
  • Clear the false halogram of that disconnects you from your TRUE blueprint
  • Activate your communication with your living lightcode and higher God Self

The live Zoom session will be very powerful and we would love for you to be there with us in co-creation but if you miss the love you will get the recording and still receive the full activation.

We are so excited to have you for this soul awakening transmission. This session will be a game-changer! If you feel the calling please book your spot.

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Mia Kafkios

Mia Kafkios is an Energy Therapist, Healer, and Trance Channel with 27 years of experience. She has been working with many souls to help them break the wheel and make a shift in their lives.