Understand the gift of being an empath

Understand and take charge of the gifts of being a highly sensitive empath! Are you a highly sensitive person and an empath, that easily picks up on other people’s energies, and feels drained and exhausted very often?

I am inviting you to this webinar where we are going to go deeper into:
  • Why this is happening and why we have developed this “senses” of sensitivity
  • How to stay grounded in our energy
  • How to learn what is mine and what is someone else’s energy/emotions
  • How to cleanse yourself
  • How to see the gifts in these precious senses and how to work with them in everyday life
  • Guided meditation

I have been working for almost 20 years to understand this. In the last 5-6 years, I have really appreciated the beauty and the gift of being a highly sensitive person and an empath. I also understand the responsibility that comes along with taking care of it.

I am giving you the tools that really changed my life to a more balanced one, filled with happiness and empowerment.

Much love,

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