We are living in transformational times. As change gathers pace, there is an extraordinary opportunity to co-create a higher frequency reality for humanity. It is truly a fork in the road: an evolutionary choice point.
The potential for us to transform and evolve is so powerful that it is being called a dimensional shift. We are moving from the Third and Fourth dimensions and into the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension is a vibrational state characterised by heart-based consciousness and spiritual expansion. This is the high-frequency pathway available to humanity, if enough of us choose it.

I’m delighted to announce that I will be a featured speaker in a free 5-day, online Global Summit created and hosted by Heather Linn from Cape Town, South Africa. It starts on Monday 15 November and you’re whole-heartedly invited! Please join me for:


Forging a High-Frequency Pathway for Humanity
15 – 19 November 2021

Additionally, here is a free gift for you, to help activate your chakra for the highest timeline. You may download it below:

  1. Chakra Activation for the Highest Timeline | With Music (.MP3 Format)
  2. Chakra Activation for the Highest Timeline | Voice Only (MP3 Format)

To download the activation on mobile: Tap and hold on the link, and click Download Link.
To download the activation on your desktop: Right-click on the link, and select Save Link As.

I’m excited and honored to be a part of this dimension-shifting event. I will be speaking on the topic “Activate and Choose your Highest Timeline” and cannot wait to share my interview with you!

You’ll learn from a diverse group of spiritual teachers, lightworkers, wisdom keepers, shamans and scientists, including Dr John Ryan, Jocelyn Star Feather, Yamile Yemoonyah, Dr Jude Currivan, Melissa Feick, Alida Birch, Dr Makgati Mokwena, Cavalher, Mukesh Vassen and many others!

When you join this visionary gathering, you will be immersed in the consciousness of the Fifth Dimension, allowing for a quantum shift in your own consciousness. You will also receive high-level guidance and practical tools to move through these transitional times and anchor a fifth-dimensional reality in your daily life.

During The Dimensional Fork in the Road Summit, you will learn about:
✨ The energetics of the Fifth Dimension
✨ Ascension and shifting timelines
✨ Activating your highest personal timeline
✨ Conscious choice and co-creation
✨ Multidimensional experiences within a unified field
✨ The 5D self and higher self
✨ Spiritual alchemy, shadow & light
✨ Sexual sovereignty and creative energy
✨ The collaborative role of Starseed souls
✨ Soul creators of the New Earth.

You won’t find this unique compilation of mind-heart-expanding topics anywhere else!