Unique Online Education

The Certified Life Coach Experience

Become a certified coach and lightworker! Learn how to assist growth in 6 months!

You will gain an understanding of the traumas and challenges humans experience in life; how to develop the spirit, as well as learn tools to help others heal these wounds, find their passion and transform their lives.

We will tap into the psychology and sacred ART of HOW to succeed financially while living life fully from the heart!
After completing this course, you will have everything you need to feel confident in your unique offerings as a Life Coach.
Feel WORTHY of success!

Ready to see if you are prepared for this journey?
The application opens in July – Next course starts in October 2021.

During the 11 + 12 weeks of the full course you will:

Learn the best coaching & leader techniques and how to identify the clients needs

Gain knowledge on how to work with the human wounds and heal them through intuitive coaching

Understand how to cleanse and release to stay healthy as you enter this path of a lightworker

Find out how to use all the knowledge from The Growth & Seld-love Experience and apply it in your work as a coach and a leader

Discover your uniqueness as the coach/leader/lightworker you want to be

Learn about Marketing techniques, identify your niche in the market and gain confidence that you are worthy of success and financial abundance

What is included:

20 hours of client work to feel ready to start working right after the end of the course

18 weekly themes for individual growth with video-recorded lessons.

Worksheets with questions and tasks to work on during the week.

Morning & evening meditations aligned with the theme of the week.

ZOOM meeting once a week led by Mia.

Access to a closed Facebook group for motivation and connection to the tribe.

A sharing partner to have close contact with during the course.

An experience of what energy-work and spirituality can add to our lives.

Lifetime access to the course material.

“Within only a few weeks I have expanded in my own business, my art and now also in my relationship.”

“For a long time, I’ve been searching for a way to step into my full potential, to develop as a person and as a coach. I finally feel that I found my mentor and a coach that can see my full potential. Mia has an amazing way to let all of us grow in our own way and I really feel that she deeply wants me and
everyone in the course to expand. Mia manages to create a safe space for me to develop and within only a few weeks I have expanded in my own business, my art and now also in my relationship. I highly recommend Mia to everyone that wants to grow as a person and find your full potential as a coach.”

Sofi Ek – Member of the 2020 Tribe

“I wish everyone could take this course and take part in Mia’s leadership, spirituality and wisdom.”

She meets you where YOU are and your journey starts based on your starting position. I am so grateful and happy that I chose to invest in myself. My new insights will make me enjoy life more EVERY day. This course has given me so far – a greater understanding of my behaviour; more self-love and honesty when it comes to myself; more calmness, harmony and confidence; routines that I will carry with me through life. It feels like I’ve got new glasses. I see new things about myself and my friends from a new perspective. I can help myself better and sometimes guide a friend. The course is not easy, it takes courage and time. And all the support is with the help of the group, my partner and Mia. It is a lifetime trip that I highly recommend.

Yvonne Danielsson – Member of 2020 Tribe

“Into week five, I can honestly say that I have developed at a rate I did not think was possible.”

How can I explain what the course means to me? I signed up because I wanted to deepen my knowledge of myself, my abilities, and also see how I use my energy (how I want to live and develop). I did not know if I would appreciate belonging to a tribe but I was willing to give it a try. Into week five, I can honestly say that I have developed at a rate I did not think was possible. We (yes, now the tribe is important and valuable to me) learn, share knowledge, insights, feelings and it is incredibly powerful. I want to give my highest recommendations and I can contact you if you want to know more.

Ulrika Skogland – Member of 2020 Tribe