Soul Purpose Realignment

Online Webinar and Activation with Mia Kafkios

As everything is changing now, the past, the future, and the parallels, my guides have asked me to recalibrate our energetic field. It is time to step up now, they say.

There are “beliefs” running in our field that we have outgrown as we raise our consciousness so fast now, and they are blocking us from seeing beyond our subconscious limits. Knowing the truth! Becoming the light.

There are new ways of being a lightworker and a way-shower that our family of light wants to present and activate within us. It is time that we go into our energetic field and clear old “carrier” templates, old “lightworker” templates, and multidimensional traumas around being fully in our mission power.

2022 is when we are being called to step into our soul purpose and mission from the frequencies of 5D and beyond. Entering the limitless energies of the new earth. That means we need to clear all limited ideas, fixed timelines, and outgrown frequencies.

In this work, a powerful field will open up for us to see beyond, activate the codes in our blueprint that are ready to take the next consciousness level and upgrade our light body to the limitless codes. Opening the opportunity for a higher timeline in our field. Clearing the path for the unexpected to enter with ease, grace, and limitless power.

As always, we need to come together with our light and our commitment to reaching the really deep and yet higher levels of this work. In this activation webinar, we will:

  • Clear any inorganic and arterial timeliness that are sourced from our light
  • We will unplug negative programs that might have sneaked into our field lately.
  • Release old fractions of mission trauma from past lifetimes and old lightworker templates
  • Open our 12 energy bodies into expansion and activate the codes and frequencies of limitlessness.
  • Opening and preparing our higher chakras to feel, see and recognize the highest timeliness in every single opportunity and choice.
  • Inviting our soul extensions into this activation and recalibration so we can move with more ease and grace thru all parallel realities and existences into our life purpose in this incarnation.
  • Planetary work together where we will transmit these high consciousness codes out to schools, institutions, governments, and so on when the energy is the most potent and amplified.

Beloved soul tribe. You will feel in your whole field if this work calls on you. It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual path. This will benefit you on the highest level for your soul. All souls that have booked a spot will receive the recording afterward, and it will be beneficial to redo it every 3 months at least or as guided. If you miss the live activation, you can just do the recording afterward, which will be as powerful as the live event.

My soul is so incredibly honored to open this sacred space with all of you and do this powerful work. Together in unity and oneness is the only way to enter the new earth.

Much love,

About Your Teacher

Mia Kafkios is an Energy Therapist, Healer, and Trance Channel with 27 years of experience. She has been working with many souls to help them break the wheel and make a shift in their lives.

Webinar Replay

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