Connect to Your Own Energy Field 

Online Webinar with Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild

Are you aware of how truly magnificent you really are?

When you chose to incarnate on planet Earth, you signed up to a third-dimensional school in a physical dimension. That physical dimension has fixed perimeters of energy, and within it, most of the matter is ‘solid’, meaning that we can touch, interact, and sense the world around us through physicality. The 3D world of Earth is full of beautiful and unique experiences that are highly sought after, and your soul will have signed up for the experience with great enthusiasm.

Within the realm of physicality comes polarity, which means we face light and darkness in equal proportions. We are given choices and learning paths that no other space explores so deeply.

One of the greatest lessons/illusions that we agreed to experience is the lesson of limitation. At the beginning of your incarnation, you will have been born into the body that you chose, and you will have begun your life plan. The catch is that you will have had little or no recollection of who you are or why you are on Earth. You are then shaped by your prior experiences and your soul choices. The lesson of limitation began over 260,000 years ago at the beginning of Atlantis and concluded on the Cosmic Moment (21st December 2012). From this date onwards, the Earth changed overnight, and every aspiring soul on the ascension pathway began to receive the light coding, upgrades, gifts, and memories to begin the return to their Divine Essence. Gaia, the Earth Angel, started her shift from 3D to 5D and every soul living upon her is subject to these changes in energy and vibration.

During this powerful opening event, Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild will be taking a deep dive into who YOU truly are and how to connect to your own energy field. This will be the foundation of all the work you do upon yourself and the others around you.

During this event, you will:

  • Receive an in-depth introduction to where we are on the ascension pathway and who YOU truly are.
  • Discover the bodies, fields, and chakras. Working with the four-body system is the fastest way to integrate light and align to your highest pathway.
  • Work with your Higher Self, your Oversoul, and your Monad to connect to your vast Cosmic Lightbody.
  • Receive a powerful light upgrade and integration from Mia and Tim to clear your bodies, chakras, and fields.
  • Discussions and questions! We are here to interact and talk our way through anything that is coming up!

After the activation, you can choose to stay and be divided into breakout rooms of 3-4 people to share your experience with each other. There will also be time for some questions to be answered by Tim and Mia.

We are really excited to do this extended version of a webinar with a deep intention to integrate all of the work into our consciousness unity template.

This webinar is a part of the 6 – month ascension journey with Tim and Mia. You can either participate in the whole 6-month journey experience or just this one webinar.

Much love,
Mia and Tim

About Your Teachers

Mia Kafkios is an Energy Therapist, Healer, and Trance Channel with 27 years of experience. She has been working with many souls to help them break the wheel and make a shift in their lives.

Tim Whild is an ascension and Lightbody expert, who has been working closely with the evolvement of Earth for most of his life.

Webinar Replay

Purchase the replay on Vimeo.