Six-Month Ascension Course & Activation

Spiritual Ascension Course by Mia Kafkios & Tim Whild

About the Course

Mia and Tim have united their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine knowledge and wisdom to bring six important topics to the forefront which will assist you in navigating these changing times.

The course includes a total of 6 webinar replays:

  1. Connect to Your Own Energy Field
  2. Connect to Your Family of Light
  3. Protection and Clearing of Negative Energies
  4. Clearing House of Ego/Wounds
  5. Activate and Raise Your Frequency
  6. Integrate Your Gifts and Do Your Mission

In addition to the replays, you will also gain access to six (6) Q&A videos with Mia and Tim.

Mia and Tim believe that these topics are integral to the basics of light working, ascension, and the spiritual pathway.

OUR mission to YOU is to present the most accessible methods of activating, anchoring, assimilating, and practicing the ascension UNITY consciousness within your tribe.

Lastly, upon purchase of this course, you will receive an invitation to join the exclusive Facebook Group: One Unity Generation.

We hope this course helps you in your ascension path.

Much love,
Mia Kafkios & Tim Whild


“Letting go of the old, and welcoming in the new”

Thank you so much Mia & Tim for an amazing 6-month journey. It really has been transformational.

I can feel lots of changes happening in me, letting go of the old, (fear) and welcoming in the new, (love). I am starting to remember who I really am…! Much thanks and appreciation. Love & Light

Gavin Muschamp

“This was a treasure for me.”

Tania Kenney

“I could write a book about all the journey has brought to me.”

I could write a book about all the journey has brought to me, but to shorten the reading time, I must say Mia and Tim’s activations and communications with the higher realms lifted us all in the journey to a higher, more loving and peaceful inner space, with infinite future possibilities, that could not have been, had we not somehow known to take this journey.

Their work is spot on, and cutting edge to the great awakening of our planet.

Thank you Mia And Tim.

Ulrika Skogland