Your soul came here with a plan, trust in it!

What is your biggest lesson so far in this lifetime?
For me, it’s hard to choose just one. My God! I have had so so so many lessons and still have. If I need to choose one, I must say it’s the realization that “I am the creator of my own reality.” Once I have awakened, I have been feeling the huge responsibility of free will.
There is both an “Oh, yes!” feeling and an “Oh my God, what a responsibility!” feeling in that lesson. Yes, there are such great, endless, and incredible possibilities in it, but there is also massive responsibility in it. There is no way around it once we dive deep into it. Then there is actually just MAGIC in that Universal Truth. ⠀⠀
Sometimes I lose my flow too and it’s hard for me to accept my lessons.
I have moments where my flow and synchronicity totally collapse. And there’s just fear and miss-trust. It’s easy to manifest and feel in synchronicity when everything is flowing. But how we handle moments of huge challenges are the significant ones.

In moments like this, it is important to remember that you came with a CLEAR SOUL PLAN!

You have decided what life lessons to be learned during this lifetime and you have been given initiations to take yourself to the next level of consciousness. Whatever is challenging right now is for your growth. It just another initiation for you to move higher.
See the light in your life. See all the obstacles you have removed. Acknowledge your growth. You acceleration in this ascension journey.

We are moving faster than ever to the new earth as we are leaving what is done behind to open up for the new, lighter and brighter vibrations and experiences.

There is a place within you that holds the key. That place is your heart. A healed heart will slowly start loving itself more and more and feel worthy of all the good in life.

I see you. I feel you. We are in this together.
Much love,