October Ascension Update

October month is the month of fast-track ascension. And the more you commit to these weeks of growth, the higher you will be able to raise in consciousness.

This is the month where we will really understand that we need to move from the old identities and fear programs in our solar plexus to our hearts. This is the month where you, as your own guru and healer, will understand on a much deeper level that EVERYTHING is energy and that you can move it all and transmute it.

Now it’s time to clear and leave our old life in the house of ego (stores in solar plexus) and move up to a full heart-led life. Our divine God Center. The house of Christ.

This may sound pretty easy on an intellectual level. We might even understand with our mind how to “do” it. The challenge is that our cellular memory holds so many traumatic experiences from this lifetime and past ones that we still seem to act on instinct and out of fear. This is the month where you will move up to your heart and stay there for most of your day. This is where a huge step in our ascension will occur. This “process” is a BIG portal to the new earth that really starts within you. In your heart. In your blueprint.

This month, you will understand that your only obstacle and inner enemy are your fear and your inner judge. October is the month where you will understand that they are both an illusion. Now is when the deep preparation starts for next year. October, November, and December prepare you for the BIG year of ascension 2022.

Below I give you some tools to work with this month:

  1. Notice your first thought in the morning. And then, notice your first emotional sensation. Whatever comes through, observe it, receive it as information, and transform it into your morning prayer and positive daily affirmation. Understanding that the GIFT of this day lies in your energetic intention. (This goes fast once you have done it a couple of days)

  2. Connect to your solar plexus. Visualize a huge amount of sun rays coming through, blasting your plexus. Move your activated solar energy in your solar plexus up to your heart, and keep streaming the energy from the solar plexus up to your heart for a couple of seconds or a minute.

  3. As you put both feet on the floor before you go up from your bed in the morning, send this heart solar energy, straight down to earth, into Mother Earth heart, choosing to feel and believing the words that you now will say out loud 3 times “I LOVE MY LIFE.”

This can be repeated as many times as you want during the day and as soon as you feel out of alignment. Your own ascension super tool for October.

As we are moving into these important last months of this year, I have been clearly instructed by my guides to assist in a powerful zoom activation next week to assist you in gaining more FOCUS and STABILITY on your ascension journey. This will assist you greatly in moving faster forward on your path, mission, and ascension journey. This will be an intense 60 min straight activation, and the spots are limited. Book your spot below if you feel guided to.


With gratitude and blessings,
Mia 💖