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We invite you to celebrate with us… The element of Water while honoring Yemaya, the Goddess of Water, with Tania Mather.  Open your hearts with a Cacao ceremony and Hang Pan with Fran. Live New World Music and Sound Healing with  Sofi Gibson. At Mystic Maya Community, Mijas Beach by Johan Grundin

Ditch the routine in favor of sacred ritual. Nurture your body, mind, and soul.


Connect with the archetype Yemaya, the goddess of water, to elevate your consciousness and cultivate greater reverence for life.  Without water, there is no life.

Tania’s love for Gaia and Water is the thread she weaves through your experience as you embody a crystalline connection with the element of water. She shares with you the importance of valuing and honoring water and how it’s essential for your wellbeing as well as your ability to live more in flow. Honoring the water within you changes its state, and transforms the state of you and your world. Through connecting with the archetype of the Water Goddess, she will help you navigate with greater ease the ebbs and flows of change in life.

Offer blessings to Yemaya by bathing ceremoniously in the Mediterranean.


Embracing the Warm Cacao in Sacred Ceremony and Song, your vibration will be elevated to the frequency of Love. Fran selects a magical alchemical combination of spices to heighten the power of Cacao to gently open and deepen your connection to your heart. He is a true alchemist and makes the best ceremonial Cacao ever!  He will also be playing his hand pan, a magical and mysterious sound.

Song also connects us to our hearts, our sacred space within.  Sofi’s mystical and healing voice elevates your vibration, opening the experiential doors to a higher dimension. She’s an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and takes you on a sound journey you’ve never experienced before.

Join our high vibe tribe for an authentic mystical celebration.

Our aim is to gift you with an unforgettable and transformational experience, for this we encourage you to:

– Dress up in white with a touch of blue
– Be authentically you
– Maintain utmost reverence during the ceremonies
– Feel free to liquid dance in the fiesta final
– Phones, alcohol, tobacco, or other mind-altering substances are not invited.
– Kindly leave your mobile phone with your belongings at the entrance and please only consult it after you leave.


Johan, Tania, Sofi and Fran

Tania Mather, Thrive Wellness Journeys
Fran by Yundo
Sofi Gibson, Ananda Mandira Gong Yoga Center
Johan Grundin Grow By Mia & Mystic Maya Community

Date & Time

When: SUNDAY, 11th of September, 2022.
Time: 19.00 CET
Where: Beach of El Chaparral. Mijas, Spain (Malaga-Marbella Area). The exact location will be given on signup.
Duration: 3 hours

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There are no refunds unless you can show a positive Covid test result. We do not provide a credit note for another event if you decide not to attend.

About Your Guest Teacher


Tania is the founder of Thrive Wellness Journeys to provide holistic experiences that nurture your soul. Tania’s passionate about educating, supporting, and empowering everyone she engages with and believes the secret to successful living comes from heart-centered awareness.

She’s a certified Master Wellness Coach, Watsu practitioner, Ai Chi instructor, Hatha Yoga teacher, and therapeutic massage therapist using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls to enhance transformation.  Her training in Neuroscience and Embodied transformation, fused with her passion for water, inspires her to create sensorial experiences and hold sacred spaces to honor and cultivate greater reverence towards the water. It teaches us to understand our emotions and experience greater flow in life.

IG: @taniawellness Homepage: www.thrivewellnessjourneys.com


Fran created Yundo Herbal Mixology out of his love for plants. He considers himself a hard-core naturopath and lover of phytotherapy, Purity is the meaning of the Japanese word Yundo, which is the philosophy he imbues in his creations. Purity of consciousness.

Caring for water is one of the highest priorities in creating magistral herbal formulations. Water’s neutrality is responsible for enhancing any alchemical process or combination that’s created. Water is life, growth, creativity, and development.

We are water. Cacao and its unlimited source of wisdom bring us to enjoy unrevealed sensations within ourselves. It’s one of the most potent herbal tonics to direct us to our hearts. Cacao is destined to be shared in kinship and nurturing its natural power with the pure love of friendship.

For Yundo, gently mixing Cacao while singing and chanting from the heart, combined with the union of the group and the intention that this beverage may acquire, provides us with healing.

One single law; to confide in plant wisdom.

Sofi Gibson

Sofi Gibson Uses sound and Yoga to obtain healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
She offers Gong baths and cleansings, sound baths, drumming treatment, channeling through her voice, Tibetan bowl treatments and different combinations of physical massage with the sacred instruments that she has.

The training carried out in the last 15 years in Yoga, sound, personal growth, and shamanism (Munay Ki) has taken her to greater levels of understanding where she prioritizes approaching the Self at all times, living from the truth
Having this as the basis of transmission in his teachings and therapies.

IG @anadamandira Facebook: www.fb.com/anandamandiragongyoga Homepage www.anandamandira.es 

Johan Grundin

He is well known as a grounded and safe space holder and mentor who assists people in fulfilling their dreams. Johan has a background with many years in personal development in various unique techniques. He is the co-founder of the spiritual, personal development company, Grow By Mia which holds a spiritual school for coaches, healers, and channelers. Johan’s journey started in the world of entrepreneurs, which brings a solid foundation and knowledge into the spiritual world. Easily activating a creative flow of success in your personal development, relationships, and your business.

IG @grundin