March 2022 Ascension Update

Hi beloved soul tribe!
For me, this year started with a beautiful and deeper energetic connection with you all! I feel you all so very much nowadays. I really want to say THANK YOU for being here with me, walking with me, growing with me. Awakening with me. Celebrating with me. TOGETHER! I really feel how we are moving into consciousness unity together as a soul tribe! We are really creating the New Earth thru each LIVE, Webinar, and meditation, as we connect as a divine soul tribe. It is stronger and more powerful than we sometimes understand. Together we become the way-showers of the New Earth.


March is the month where you will integrate all that you have reclaimed and activated through the last 6 – 8 intense months. You will need to reset yourself into neutral out from that new frequency and dimension you have reached. This month of reset and neutral state is for you to prepare all aspects of you into your new operating system that soon will be fully in resonance with the New Earth code system.
The neutral state that March will invite you to will assist you with deeper integration of what you have left and what you are getting prepared to embody. The male and female aspects within you will show up in new forms and assist you in an important union and polarity integration. Keep your senses open for this. A higher marriage between the Divine Female and the Divine Masculine is waiting to activate you if you commit to your daily spiritual practice. All these energies will be beneficial for the coming months of your soul mission.
In this month of integration, you will experience and find new, deeper parts of yourself. March will take you thru a journey into your deepest and most sacred parts of yourself. Beloveds, you are ready.

To access those deeper parts of yourself, new levels of self-mastery and taking care of yourself will be required these coming weeks. This is the year when you really are going to need to know how to take care of yourself on a very deep level. The time has come to truly deepen your spiritual practice. Why?

To get to know the upgraded version of you on all levels.

To build your inner truth system.

To connect, be and live in your truth.

To reconnect and reclaim all lost parts of you.
And most importantly, to deeply connect with God Source every day and operate from the highest frequency of the eternal living light.
January and February were months of waves up and down. March will be more harmonized if you allow full integration to ta take place. Below I have channelled a practice for this month that you can use.


1. Open sacred space and call in your family of light
2. Ask for protection and connection from the eternal living light.
2. Prepare yourself for meditation.
4. Scan your Female and Male energies and ask for a reset of any imbalances in the union between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine within you.
5. Ask your family of light to open the Aqua portals in your field
6. Visualize how the purest rainbow rays fill up your energy field to integrate what is ready to leave your field and what is ready to be fully activated.


8. Allow these words and the frequencies that these words create within you, to take you to deeper places within yourself. Activating your truth. Your essence. Your connection with your Higher God Self.
9. Sit here as long as you want and need.
10. End your meditation by laying down on your back and just resting for at least 5 min.
11. Close the sacred space and thank your family of light and yourself for this sacred moment.
I hope both the words above can assist you during March and that you can come back to them over and over again for new discoveries.

March is a month where I am so very happy and excited to present 3 very important and powerful activation sessions.
  • 10 of March
  • 24 of March
  • 31 March
We have decided to be here together on this important rescue mission and experience a full ascension cycle and return back to our highest version of ourselves and the highest existence.