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A unique opportunity to receive a free session from our students in “Therapist of the New World” education.

This will be a completely free session with an aspiring life coach, healer and channeler that Mia will match you with.  We only ask that you leave feedback after the session, and that’s all the commitment on your side.

The next sessions will start in late 2021.

Apply for a free session with a life coach

The next sessions will start in late 2021. If you are selected, we will get in touch with you then.

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“Mia exudes warmth, strength, power stability and confidence”

“She creates a safe, harmonious, open, and healing atmosphere between me, her, and other participants, which makes me feel safe to open up and get the most out of the course opportunity. She conveys valuable tools that I can use in my life. Individual meetings with Mia make me land and find back to the contact with myself again”

Sara Ohlsson – Member of the Tribe

“Mia is a role model to us all and has really made me a better person on all levels”

“I started going to Mia after living with stress for far too long, I was a bit skeptical that she was really doing the healing, but thought that I can stay away from that part and just have conversations. After a while, I agreed to it and now I have discovered both the world and myself in a new way, a fantastic way”.

Alexander Johnsson – Member of the Tribe

“Mia helps me see what I don’t see for myself, challenges me, and coaches me with endless love”

“After 14 months with Mia, in the community with other women and with Mia as a coach I have been given a new way to relate to myself, with a greater love for myself and others. The journey continues and magical things happen.”

Yvonne Danielsson – Member of the Tribe

Parts of the education our life coaches complete

Be In The Process | Commitment | You Are The Creator | Identities | Allergies | Boundaries | Vision | Bodywork | Release | Embody | Healing | Our Wounds | Forgiveness | Masks | Victim | Heal | Find Your Passion | Your Power | Journaling | Vibrations | Sharing | Partner | Masculine & Feminine Energy | Shakti Energy | Life Force | Highly Sensitive | Clear Your Energy

“You will find your soul’s gifts”


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