Join us for a healing webinar where we will release old limiting beliefs, blocked energies and traumas that stand in our way to fully connect to the new energies of love that we can access now.

There will be powerful activation of your heart chakra as well as the divine heart chakra.

Codes, gifts and healing upgrades are usually always coming through on our webinars.

Let’s co-create and connect to the energy of love on a whole new level, so we can raise the frequencies of the whole planet.

Join Ross Shugar – a universal channeller and a soul healer and myself, Mia Åström – a channeller, healer, and energy therapist.

The more souls that are joining, the more powerful will the energy become. Welcome to invite your friends.

With excitement and love,
Ross & Mia

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Price: 11€

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You will get a link and password in your mail. Check your spam folder if you don’t get the mail when you paid the ticket. For any questions, please contact: connect@growbymia.com

Mia Åström

Mia is a channeller, healer, and energy therapist.

Leo Ross Shugar

Leo Ross is a universal channeller and a soul healer.

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