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Understand alignment

Alignment is that beautiful state of authenticity, self-love, flow and compassion.⁣ It feels as if everything falls into place, as we are a piece that fits perfectly in the puzzle of the Universe at that exact moment. The more we grow spiritually and change on the inside, the more we aim to be in that […]

Identify your passion and your life force will be reached!

Now more important than ever!!! Do you struggle with finding your passion and your inner lifeforce? ⁣Especially in these challenging times? ⁣ I used to think that I was lucky to have so much life force. It was actually almost always there even if my outer circumstances were really bad. Strangely enough, I loved life […]

Work with your fear of success

You are worthy, you are good enough, you are relevant, and you are seen! Most importantly – by you. Yes, you have areas to work on and develop, and you also do things and have qualities in you that are amazing. It’s time to see everything beautiful inside of you, develop it and own it! […]

The different summer

By this time of the year, a lot of us are usually excited about vacation time. To just let go of routines and be. Usually, by now we’re feeling tired of the busy schedule from the spring and just long to exhale and do nothing. I don’t know about you, but what I am sensing […]

Are you devoted yo your happiness?

We are a tribe. A tribe that vibrates on higher frequencies since we always search to access the most in life. To live and love fully. This time, I would like to talk about devotion. What are you devoted to in your life? I used to be devoted to other people’s needs and wishes. Devoted […]

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone?

Wow. It is really times of change. Can you feel it? It is like my whole soul is thriving out of my old shell, ready for the new. I hear the calling of my soul. I really do. Although the challenging part is that I can’t see or feel the details of the new. That forces me […]